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Growing up, Bryan’s father owned a wholesale/retail jewelry shop in Crowley, Louisiana. At the age of fourteen, Bryan started spending his summers at jewelry school in Natchitoches. Soon he was doing repairs for his father’s customers.

Bryan received more formal training in Alabama before returning home to Louisiana, where he met his wife Angie. The two opened A-Bryan’s Jewelers in 1988, starting out in a 200 square foot building. The jewelry repair business had no inventory and little working capital. Working from 3:30 in the morning until 7 or 8 at night, 6 days a week, and putting all earnings back into the business, Bryan slowly built an inventory, manufacturing all of the jewelry himself. Word of Bryan’s quality work and selection traveled around Lafayette.

A-Bryan’s Jewelers certainly has come a long way. Although today A-Bryan’s handles a variety of fine lines, a portion of the stock is still constructed in the store’s manufacturing facility. A-Bryan’s is a full service jewelry store featuring a large selection of fine jewelry, timepieces, and diamonds and gemstones set in platinum, gold, or silver. The store strives to provide quality, in-house jewelry and watch repairs, castings, remounts, restringing, and appraisals.

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