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When we embarked on the endeavor to open A-Bryan’s Jewelers over 32 years ago, we made the commitment to not only provide superior jewelry products and services, but to also serve this community. Though Acadiana has changed in many ways, be it through expansion, hurricanes, floods, or recessions, one thing remains steady: the strength of its people. We are proud to be a part of such a loving community. Together, we have weathered many storms and uncertainties. The strength and compassion of our community will see us through these uncertain times as well. Our team at A-Bryan’s Jewelers would like to take a moment to appreciate the things we love most about our community. Help us to celebrate what makes Acadiana so unique:


Our Neighbors:

Acadiana is a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities with the Cajun and Creole culture being the main ingredient. Regardless of family origins, our neighbors find a common ground and love for Acadiana. Our community not only bands together through the hardships but also rejoices in each other’s victories. We are proud to serve such a compassionate and diverse community. 


Let Those Good Times Roll: 

There is no question that our community knows how to ‘pass a good time’. We can two-step and fais dos dos well into the early morning hours. We love our crawfish boils and BBQ’s with friends and family as far as the eye can see. The festivals are as abundant as the throws on Mardi Gras day. With loved ones in tow, we celebrate life through culture, art, and music with the ones. No matter the sport, we cheer for our home teams with the same fervor that we pray with on Sunday mornings. We laugh, cry, sing, dance, and cheer together as a community.


Ca C’est Bon!:

Walk into Mawmaw’s house on a cold winter day and be engulfed in the smell of gumbo coming from her pots. A quick stroll downtown will entice you with wafts of artisanal cuisine. Nestled into the bends of the waterways throughout Acadiana are seafood houses, BBQ joints, and cafe’s filled with all of our local favorites. Our bakeries are filled with glistening, custard filled king cakes during Mardi Gras season. Our victories are celebrated with a heaping plate of food and a hot cup of coffee. We gather over gumbo pots. We meet friends over a drink and the latest food trend. Our kids know how to navigate our Farmer’s Markets by the time they are able to walk. There’s a reason why our chefs and restaurants have so many accolades and awards. The food that fuels our community is rivaled by none. 


It has been such an honor to serve such a beautiful and culturally-rich community. Though our day to day life may look different, what makes Acadiana so strong (it’s people) will never waiver. We look forward to celebrating many more milestones and victories with you, our neighbors. Thank you Acadiana.


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