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A Guide to the Most Popular Ring Settings

A GUIDE TO THE MOST POPULAR RING SETTINGS Styles and tastes will always change but the most popular ring settings have lasted over hundreds of years! In fact, the first rings were made from everything from flint, and bone, to…

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Rhodium Plating… What Is It and Why Do I Need It?

“Renoir said once, that nothing was so difficult, and at the same time so exciting, to paint, as white on white,” said French contemporary artist Ambroise Vollard. Well, the legendary French painter Renoir, a master of feminine beauty and sensuality, wasn’t working…

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“Delicately Linked” Permanent Jewelry

What is "Delicately Linked" permanent Jewelry? The hottest jewelry trend that is here to stay! Our "Delicately Linked" permanent jewelry is made to fit your wrist, and then welded shut. This eliminates the need for a clasp and your bracelet…

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Promise Rings – What Do They Signify?

Promise Rings With so many bands doing the rounds (from pre-engagement to wedding), it is natural to confuse the idea of promise and engagement rings. Are you mixed up about them as well? We’re here to give you a complete lowdown.…

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A Guide to Colored Gemstones

A GUIDE TO COLORED GEMSTONES A colored gemstone is a perfect choice for those wishing to add a vibrant splash of color to their jewelry collection. From stunning sapphires to enchanting emeralds or ravishing rubies, there is something in the…

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Pearl: Gem of Purity

By Robin Lefkowitz-Huska Pearls are the only gemstones formed within a living organism, making them the most organic gemstones. Pretty much any shelled mollusk (or clam) can produce a pearl, but just two types of bivalve clams can produce rich creamy-colored, opalescent pearls that…

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Most Popular Diamond Shapes for Engagement Rings in 2022

Confession: As women, haven’t we often dreamt of our soulmates proposing to us romantically? Whether you choose your engagement ring with your partner or it comes as a heart-felt surprise, it would be an understatement to assume that the selection…

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History of wedding rings

History of Wedding Rings

There is no doubt that your wedding gown, the walk down the aisle, and the vows you exchange with your significant other will be some of the most cherished memories of your wedding day. But one memory that you will…

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Top Twelve Engagement Ring Trends for 2022

Well it’s that time of the year again where I round up the hottest bridal trends for 2022. Many are a continuation from 2021 but some new trends have emerged as well. Read below for the latest and greatest! 1.…

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