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Estate jewelry at A-Bryan’s incorporates a diversity of prospective styles. We carry charms to suit an array of moods and tastes. Items vary greatly in worth and age. Our antique collection encompasses pieces from cameos to brooches, necklaces to bracelets, colored stone rings to earrings, lockets to timepieces, and even engagement rings.

Angela Spallino, co-owner of A-Bryan’s Jewelers and wife of A-Bryan, hand selects the items in the Estate Collection. By selecting exotic, classic, and one-of-a-kind pieces, Angie aims to offer our customers antique articles they cannot find anywhere else. Our on-site appraiser ensures the quality and genuine nature of each item. This assurance cannot be found from online dealers or estate sales. Your antique jewelry from A-Bryan’s is backed by over twenty-five years of proven integrity.

Additionally, knowing how to correctly care for your antique jewelry is imperative for a wear that lasts for generations to come. At A-Bryan’s our staff with a combined 204 years of experience will instruct you on how to care for the specific metals and stones that makeup your piece. Come in today and ask to view our exclusive Estate Collection and leave adorned with a rare treasure.

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