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Everyday jewelry is like a perfect white tee, tailored blazer, or a little black dress in your wardrobe. Here is the list of jewelry pieces that should be in a wardrobe of every woman:

Diamond Studs

Diamond studs are the most timeless accessory you will ever own, that can be worn from day to night, elevating any outfit. No matter of whether they are round or square, big or small, set in white or yellow gold, diamond studs always make a statement. We carry a huge selection of diamond studs, so here are just couple of options:

Simple Huggie Earrings

When you’re feeling like changing your diamond studs with something a little bit more casual, diamond huggies are the answer. Small or medium-sized huggies are a great everyday style for any occasion.

Gold Stacking Rings

Simple thin gold rings look good on everybody, moreover they provide endless styling possibilities: can be worn alone, stacked on one finger, or worn on different fingers.  To stack rings like a pro, choose rings made from different colored metals or even styles.

Diamond Pendant Necklace

 A simple pendant necklace is a staple, that can be worn with any outfit. Diamond pendant necklace is an elegant piece that adds the right amount of glamour to everyone’s appearance. Our necklaces have adjustable chains to make your pedant necklace more versatile for everyday wear.

Elegant Bracelets and Bangles

Diamond bracelets or bangles are the ultimate accessories, and look great layered, paired with watches, or worn alone. Of course, the must-have is famous tennis bracelet, that is the epitome of elegance, but simple diamond bangle is another great option that will never leave your wrist.

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