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The newness of life welcomed into any family is reason to celebrate. The excitement of a new baby created through love adds a new element to the bonds of family. Each moment of this spark of life is documented in all of its wonder and glory from first smiles to first steps. The bond of a mother to her child is unrivaled by any other love. Even through the sleepless nights and two AM feedings, new moms revel in the beauty that bringing a child into their family brings.

The first Mother’s Day is especially memorable for any new mom. This joyous new bond can be celebrated with fresh new designs and updated twists on classics, each as unique as the new mom in your life. With a modern approach to the beloved mother’s jewelry, every piece presented to the new mom can be incorporated seamlessly into her everyday wardrobe. Whether she is juggling home and work life, enjoying a much deserved night out, or having a mini photo session with the new baby for her social media, this new approach to mother’s jewelry will be sure to compliment any piece in her wardrobe. Here are a few key pieces to consider for the new mom in your life this Mother’s Day…

Simon G #LB215;  # MR3062

The Stackable Band:

From the traditional thin straight band to a variety of other shapes and styles, this versatile band can celebrate the new mom and baby in a fun new way. Added to a wedding set or worn alone, this simply beautiful band will be a new favorite for mom, especially if it’s set with the new baby’s birthstones.

Simon G #LR2334-R;  #LR2303-R; #LR2265
Gabriel & Co. #LR5701; #LR4593
Uneek #LVBAD302 &#LVBAD269

The Bar Pendant:

The bar pendant is a clever gift for the first Mother’s Day because it allows you to engrave the new baby’s name or birth date on the bar itself. Worn vertically or horizontally, this bar is an intimate gift that can be worn for everyday life or a busy day at the office. For the mom that is current on trends, a fresh take on the engraved bar pendant lends itself to a dangle of letters that spell out baby’s name. Or, for something more traditional, gift the new mom with a diamond or gemstone bar pendant that can be worn for any occasion.

Midas # MF999976
Midas #MF999983
mother jewelry
Gabriel & Co #NK4942
Uneek # LVNAD202W

The Birthstone Ring:

Celebrate mom’s newfound love for all things baby by gifting her with a right hand ring adorned with the new baby’s birthstone. Whether it’s a statement piece or something a little more subtle, this will add a new sparkle to those tired mother eyes.

Simon G #LR2483
Gabriel & Co. # LR5793
Simon G #MR2856; #MR2473; #MR2182
Simon G #LR2119; #MR2469-A; #LR1120

The Initial Pendant:

Set with the gleam of diamonds or gemstones, or simply stated in high-polished gold or silver, the initial pendant is an instant classic. Memorialize this Mother’s Day with the new baby’s initial in a variety of fonts and sizes. This is perfect for the understated new mom-on-the-go.

Gabriel & Co. # NK2645A
Midas #MF999971

The Updated Locket:

Adorning a long chain, this seamless sentiment finds its place it the new mother’s wardrobe. Paired with a vintage-inspired dress or with a flowery top and jeans, the updated locket bedecked in jewels will delight the romantic-at-heart mom.

Gabriel & Co. #NK5731; #NK5730
mother pendant
Gabriel & Co. #NK5572Y

The Bezel Set Birthstone Pendant:

These dazzling gemstones set into a minimalist bezel setting are anything but simple. Let the glimmer of baby’s birthstone make a bold statement on the new mom’s neck so effortlessly that she’ll want to show it off just as much as her pictures of the new baby.

Gabriel & Co. #NK5241

The Pearl Stackable Necklace:

Elegantly strung onto a thin gold chain or more daringly placed into a drop pendant, the pearl stackable necklace will be the talk of any mommy group. The new mother will want to stack these pearl pendants as much as she’ll want to stack on pearls of wisdom to her growing baby.

mother jewlery
Gabriel & Co. #NK5963

The Nameplate Necklace:

With a subtle throwback to the decade the new mother was most likely born in, she will revel in the fashionable styles of the nameplate necklace. These come in various fonts that are sure to set the new mom apart with individualistic style.

mother jewelry
Midas #MF999997; #MF999986

The Stackable Bangle:

Adorn the free-spirited new mom with as many stackable bangles as her tattooed arm can handle. She’ll love how these jeweled bangles flow nicely with her fresh festival attire. Or, how they play with sunlight as she’s strolling baby around the farmer’s market.

mother jewelry
Gabriel & Co. #BG4001; #BG4245; #BG4217; #BG4323; #BG4342; #BG4262
mother jewelry
Simon G #LB2016; #NB130; #LB2275; #NB131; #MB1908
mother jewelry
Simon G #LB2274

No matter which of these gifts you give the special new mother in your life, she will be elated showing them off with new baby in tow to all of her friends and family. Help make this first Mother’s Day just as memorable as the day her new baby arrived.




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