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Red garnets are one of the most prevalent of gems.  The word “garnet” originates from “granatum,” meaning seed. The stone was originally named for its semblance in color to pomegranate seeds. Garnet is mined in places such as Brazil, Nambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Sri Lanka, India, Burma, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

The history of garnets are extensive. Thousands of years ago, Egyptian pharaohs donned red garnet necklaces. A red garnet bead necklace was found in an Egyptian tomb dating back to over five thousand years ago. As time passed, ancient Romans set garnets into the signet rings used to stamp the wax that held vital documents. During the Middle Ages, garnets adorned the clergy and nobility.

Today, red garnets serve as the birthstone for the month of January. They also commemorate both second and sixth wedding anniversaries. Additionally, this gem represents eternal friendship and trust, often functioning as a gift amongst friends.

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