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Jewelry At The Beach

Summer is almost here and very soon it will be time to hit the beach! We all heard the rule of not wearing jewelry to the beach. But who cares about the rules, when there are a lot of summer activities where you want to look stylish: cocktail parties and weddings at the beach, or even pool parties? Especially after a year-long pandemic, every one of us just want to shine!enamel jewelry


Good news is that you CAN wear jewelry to the beach, just be more careful and remember a couple of rules:

  • Durable materials like platinum, gold and diamonds should be fine as long as you take them off before going into the water.
  • Pools and hot tubes damage jewelry the most because chlorine is really bad for all metals.
  • Apply your sunscreen lotion before going out and wait for the skin to absorb it. Then you can safely put on your jewelry, this keeps it shining and makes you smile.
  • Before wearing jewelry to the beach always ask yourself one important question: “How upset would I be if I lost or damaged this piece?” If the answer is “very upset” then the best decision is to leave it at home.


butterfly jewelry


Always avoid softer stones or plated jewelry, the rough texture of sand will easily scratch or damage them.

Avoid wearing rose gold to the beach, as it has copper in it, and copper will react with saltwater and start wearing down.

Try to choose a thin dainty piece to avoid tan lines.

After you came back home from the beach you must clean your jewelry with damp cotton cloth no matter the metal.



Luvente is wishing everyone an amazing summer ahead!

By Luvente

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