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#1 Clean it. Jewelry, like pretty much anything else you use regularly, gets dirty. But dirt isn’t the only reason to get your jewelry cleaned. Minor jewelry damage, like bent prongs, lose stones, and other problems are often detected during routine professional cleanings. It is always much better to catch a minor deficiency before it becomes a big issue. Also, your jewelry looks better clean and you enjoy it more. For this reason, the specialists at A-Bryan’s Jewelers recommend getting jewelry cleaned at least once every six months. We make it easy, stop by the drive through window if you are unable to get out of the car. Not only does A-Bryans Jewelers offer professional cleaning services, we do so for free. That’s right, even if you did not purchase it from here, it’s on the house.

#2 Take it off. Remember to remove jewelry before you go to bed! Not only can jewelry catch and tear your sheets, but it can also become damaged itself. Bracelets and chains can catch, kink, and break. Rings and earrings can catch their prongs on the sheets, which can bend and allow the stone to become loose. This could lead to faster wear or worse, the loss of a stone. Therefore, we urge that you take your jewelry off before you hit the hay.

#3 Protect it. Be careful with harsh chemicals or harsh environments while wearing your jewelry. Throw on some gloves before cleaning or gardening. These activities can discolor, scratch, or otherwise damage your valued pieces. This includes items like certain household cleaners, pesticides, and chlorinated swimming water. So be aware of the chemicals in products and that you allow in contact with your jewelry.

#4 Inspect it. You have to keep in mind that your jewelry pieces are made of precious metals and stones that, just like in nature, wear over time. Prongs may become thin or stones may be chipped from everyday use. Make a point to take a good look at your jewelry on a regular basis, especially if you notice it catching on clothing or scratching. If you are unsure, bring it to the store and we will be happy to take a look.

#5 Insure it. If you wear your jewelry all of the time, and know you are not going to follow suggested caretaking tips, it is important to make sure your pieces are insured. Jewelry insurance is inexpensive and can cover the cost of repairs or replacement, which can save you money and major headaches. Check with your agent for insurance requirements such as appraisals or photos.

In conclusion, a general awareness for where you are, what you are doing and how it effects your jewelry is helpful in protecting your dearest pieces. If you have any question about new or existing jewelry, or are in need of jewelry cleaning be sure to come in and visit us. We’ll be sure to have all the answers you need.

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