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            The month of June shares three birthstones: pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone. You can find information on pearls under “Expert Advise” in our “Gemstone Guide.” Most women own or desire a strand of these treasures. Moonstone is seen less frequently. Alexandrite, however, is even more scarcely seen.

Moonstone serves as the second June birthstone. When light scatters beneath layers of feldspar, moonstone emerges with an ethereal blue undertone beneath crystal-like tints. This phenomenon and the light within the gem is known as adularescence.

According to Hindu mythology, hardened moonbeams made up moonstones. Because moonstone resembles the light of a full moon shining through clouds, many other cultures believed the stone was connected to the moon in some way. Some believed the stone warranted good luck. Others believed the future could be viewed through a moonstone held up to the light of a full moon. Hippies of the 1970s and New Agers of the 1990s took a particular liking to the stone, its natural beauty, and radiant appearance.

The third June birthstone is one of the most valuable of all the colored stones. Alexandrite appears to be bluish green in natural light and purplish red beneath fluorescent light. The color-changing stone has a shorter history than most other gems that date back to ancient times. Alexandrite, however, was first discovered in 1830 in the Ural Mountains of Russia and was named for Czer Alexander. Today, the stone is found in Brazil, East Africa, and Sri Lanka. No alexandrite currently mined compares to the hues of the original Russian jewels. Those discovered elsewhere carry a muddier hue that changes shades less dramatically.

All three of these stones commemorate birthdays in the month of June. However, most jewelry stores—Abryan’s included—do not carry exceptional amounts of Alexandrite, because of its rarity and expense. Pearls are the most common June birthday gift, moonstone is occasionally purchased, and Alexandrite takes third place, bought even more seldom. However, if you would like Alexandrite or moonstone jewelry, one of our team members would be delighted to show you an array of settings—rings, necklaces, earrings, or bracelets. Once your design is selected, our gem specialist, Harvey Haines, can handpick a fitting stone and mount it in-store within just a few days. These gems will make any custom piece dazzling.


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