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Confession: As women, haven’t we often dreamt of our soulmates proposing to us romantically? Whether you choose your engagement ring with your partner or it comes as a heart-felt surprise, it would be an understatement to assume that the selection process is easy. After all, you are deciding on a long-lasting investment that is a glistening symbol of your most fulfilling forever.

From deciding between a classic or trending ring to picking out a shape that resonates with your love language and personality, there are numerous factors to consider while choosing your diamond.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond: Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

Diamonds mesmerize our hearts with their sheer brilliance, clarity, and fire. This special occasion calls for gifting your beloved a personalized, luxurious ring that instantly represents your immortal love saga.

To ensure the same, here are a few tips to help you pick out a ring that vividly reminds you of your fiancé. Firstly, it is integral to choose a ring that does not overpower her hand but compliments her fingers effortlessly. For instance, a colossal round cut ring looks gorgeous on long, slender fingers, while a halo sits better on wider fingers. Seek inspiration from your betrothed’s staple pieces and purchase a ring that she will treasure. From the choice of metals to her personality, the ring should flaunt her attributes. Is she a classic lover, a bohemian soul, or a fan of all things vintage, glamour, and mushy romance?

Most importantly, choose the right shape to charm her. Read on to understand more.

Just like diamonds, we all aspire for a love that never dies and accompanies us through a worthwhile roller coaster called life. While diamonds are enchanting and show-stopping in nature, their real beauty beholds more than what meets the eye. Its contour evokes many emotions and feelings that are embedded in our roots and traditions, making us who we are.

Emanating a glimmering wedding frenzy, several diamond shapes can help you begin this wholesome, ‘heads over heels’ fairy-tale.

1. Round Cut Diamond Shape

An everlasting favorite, most brides continuously flock to this circular shape, while the others rise and fall in popularity as per changing trends. Due to its exceptional symmetry, shine, and fire, more than 75% of the global population prefer the 58-faceted round cut. Its innate simplicity represents completion, wholeness, and harmony. Celebrities like Mila Kunis and Emily Blunt have proven that this shape is perfect for a woman of classic, elegant and glamourous taste.

This 14k white gold diamond ring radiates traditional grace as it intertwines to show the diverse nuances of a strong, long-lasting relationship.

This two-toned engagement ring beautifully encapsulates the contrasts of life while merging and uplifting the pronged, 1.5ct clarity heralding round stone.

2. Oval Diamond Shape

Popularized in the 1960s, its elongated character softens the starkness of the brilliant round cut while possessing similar scintillation, brilliance, and sparkle. Ovals mystically connote a creative, feminine influence, redefining the laws of universal attraction. As they combine the old and new, these unconventional choices flatter any hand. Befitting stardom, didn’t Kate Middleton and Blake Lively’s adaptations give bridal goals?

This Vintage Inspired 14K White Gold Split Shank Oval Diamond Engagement Ring reminds you of the centuries-old, gilded love. Its dainty leaf motifs and mill-grain detailing enhance the glow of the 1.5 ct center stone.

Shimmering glamorously, this 14k clear-cut, white gold ring boosts the radiance of 2ct oval center stone with a complementing halo and trimmed pave diamond band.

The 14k white gold setting and its stylish halo subtly draw attention to the reflective 2ct oval center stone. Finished with a sleek band, doesn’t this convey a balancing act?

3. Princess Cut Diamond Shape

This 76-faceted stone creates a royal illusion with tiny sparkles that dance their way to your heart. It makes for an extremely versatile style, which can be donned with everyday attire. Often spotted in a square or rectangular shape, facing up, this modern-day reinterpretation of love depicts tons of passionate brilliance. Evoking fanciful taste, these rings portray an attractive, sharp, and lively woman who captivates all with her spontaneity. Also, didn’t they look bewitching on megastars like Meghan Markle and Hillary Duff?

Dazzling intensely, these 14k white gold princess cut diamond ring designed with pave diamonds and a 1ct center stone is a classic choice to officiate your relationship.

The sharp, square shape of the salient 1ct center stone and the contemporary elegance of the trapezoid side stones and pave bridge make this ring irresistibly charming.


Enshrined with 1ct, glittering, crystal clear diamonds, this 14k white gold halo ring is a dreamy representation of your deep love.

3. Pear Diamond Shape

The pear-shaped or ‘teardrop’ diamond fruitfully culminates the marquise and round diamond shape, taking us back to the Victorian era. Its unique asymmetrical design preserves the fire and brilliance of a round-cut diamond while appearing to be larger amidst an array of sparkle sizes. Versatile in nature, this elongated band can be worn with multiple jewelry pieces or colored stones. Chic and adventurous women like Kaley Cuoco and Katherine Heigl emerged as trendsetters when they announced their respective unions to the world with these ring styles.


Living up to its name, Mabel, this lovable, diamond-encrusted, narrowly mill-grained shank shines a sparkling light on the 1ct center stone stunningly.


diamond diamond


This stunning pear-shaped halo diamond engagement ring effuses a sweet tenderness that combines the best qualities of both the metals, with its 1.5ct center stone shining vividly.

With myriad ways to profess your true feelings, sprinkled in heaps of boundless love, are you ready to embark on this phenomenal joyride with your lifelong companion in style?

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