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Whether you’ve been married for 10 years or about to celebrate your silver anniversary, it’s a common reality that at some point many women want to update their original engagement ring. While you can choose to wait for some major event such as an important anniversary, birthday or some other momentous occasion to upgrade your ring, the truth is, “just because” is as good a reason as any. In some cases, the ring given when getting engaged was not your dream ring or the budget back then was much less. Maybe back in the day your honey didn’t yet make the big bucks and so even though you got your dream man (most important!) you didn’t exactly get your dream ring. Trends change as well and some styles simply become too outdated.

Perhaps your current setting is too simple, or doesn’t have diamonds, or the center stone is too small, if you are ready to go “more” you have many options. If you want to upgrade both the setting and the center stone it’s best to get a whole new ring and keep the first one for sentimental value. Perhaps your son may even want to give it as a promise ring to his future wife one day. However if the center stone is the perfect size, your best option is to remount it into a completely new setting. Your local trusted jeweler is the best partner to help with this process from start to finish. Let’s explore some beautiful options to consider when you’re ready to reset your diamond.


Remount to a Halo Setting


Halos have come a long way and are now considered a classic so if you have a simple round solitaire but want a bigger and more sparkly overall look, a halo may take your 1 carat to the appearance of a 1.5 carat depending on the size of the halo stones. More diamonds on the shank up the sparkling wow factor tenfold. Here are some more unique halo styles I am really loving these days.


Style: ER14508R4W44JJ

The Carrington is a unique take on the Art Deco era with side baguettes and a halo of different sized round stones to complete the frame. The diamond shank adds extra sparkle because who can resist the extra bling?


Style: ER14450R4W44JJ

Boost the radiance of your round center stone with the Astor style featuring a bursting halo of round and pear shaped diamonds. Constructed from rich 14K white gold, this diamond engagement rings setting also boasts a slim straight band trimmed with sparkling pavé diamonds.


Style: ER14452R8W44JJ

If you’re into the vintage inspired vibe, the Adaline features an intricate millgrain accented halo and a complementing shank reminiscent of the Victorian Era.

Remount to a Three Stone Setting

Most ladies who are ready to upgrade their ring are likely to have started a family, and what better way to commemorate that than with a three stone setting which has several meanings and loads of sentimental value. It signifies the past, present and future or the center stone can symbolize your union as one, with the side stones symbolizing each child. Three stone settings come in many different varieties with various side stone shapes. Here are my favorite three settings for a round center stone, though any other center stone shape would work beautifully.


Style: ER15003R8W83JJ

The Finian diamond encrusted 18k white gold engagement ring has three times the charm. A round cut center stone is enhanced by a pair of matching 0.30ct side stones for intense sparkle. A peekaboo diamond surprise awaits in the curved bridge beneath the band.


Style: ER14745R8W44JJ

Symbolizing the past, present and future of your relationship, the Sanaa 3 stone engagement ring setting is more than merely beautiful. Round cut, 0.15ct side stones pair perfectly with a round center stone, each secured in a trellis setting atop a polished 14k white gold shank.


Style: ER15353R6W83JJ

The Yanna ring is an elaborately detailed 18K white gold setting that is a stunning example of the classic 3 stone style. Tapered baguette side stones flank the round center stone while a diamond encrusted shank with a straight silhouette provides added sparkle. The attention to detail continues beneath the band with a pavé diamond gallery and elegant milgrain edges.

Remount to a Big and Bold Setting


For the woman who has reached a certain status in life and wants something really unique and bold in her bridal look these are great options. The multi rows of diamonds and wide bands pack a powerful punch elevating your bridal look to majorly new and bold heights.

Style: ER15040R8W44JJ

Style: ER14964R4M44JJ

Style: ER14057R6T44JJ

Add an Enhancer

Adding an enhancer or ring jacket is another way to completely transform the look of your current ring. Consider them an easy yet gorgeous ring upgrade as the end result is a totally different, much more impactful ring. In fact, once they are together it is hard to tell that they are indeed two separate rings.

Style: AN14748M-W44JJ

Style: AN14750M-W44JJ

Style: AN12542S-T44JJ

No matter how you decide to refresh your ring it’s best to involve your partner in the decision. After all this is the ring he proposed to you with and holds much sentimental value and memories for the both of you. It’s important to make sure your partner’s feelings will not be hurt and consideration is given to his input. The most important thing to remember is that a good marriage is determined by the couple not the ring. Enjoy your newly updated ring and a happy and healthy family life!

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