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June 14, 2014, will be a day Rick and I will never forget. For weeks Rick had been meeting with Carissa at A-Bryan’s Jewelry designing and creating a ring that has brought me so much joy and happiest. My ring is so special to me because the diamond belonged to Rick’s grandmother. I am so honored that Rick chose me to be his wife and share such a beautiful piece of family history with me. We cannot thank A-Bryan’s Jewelry enough for their time, commitment, and the spectacular experience we have had in our wedding experience. When I look down at my hand, I have a feeling of happiness I have never ever felt before. This is honestly the happiness time in our lives and I couldn’t be more overjoyed with the ring Rick gave me. Carissa has been such a blessing in our lives by helping Rick and guiding him in this process. Thank you A-Bryan’s Jewelry for your professionalism and courtesy we have experienced since day 1 of this process. Your genuine interest and warmth from everyone at A-Bryan’s Jewelry sets you apart from all other jewelry stores.

Rick and Tiffany were married on January 24, 2015, at the Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist.
Rick and Tiffany also purchased wedding bands from A-Bryan’s jewelry.
Rick also surprised Tiffany with a beautiful wedding gift – a diamond cross necklace also purchased at A-Bryan’s Jewelry.

A-Bryans Jewelers is part of my DAILY wardrobe! My Fiance’, Lance Conques, had my engagement ring custom made from there, they did it to precision! Since then we’ve purchased his wedding band, several rings and a couple of sets of earrings from them. Whether it’s an over the phone purchase or an in store purchase, Carissa is always there and ready to accept whatever challenge we’ve come up with for our next order! Thanks for putting up with us, I’m sure we’ll see you soon!

I used A-Bryan’s Jewelers to design a custom 5-stone diamond ring for my 20th Wedding Anniversary.  Harvey’s design skills and technical knowledge made the process extremely smooth.  I am very satisfied with my ring and I love the fact that it is one of a kind.  I look forward to designing my next piece of jewelry with A-Bryan’s Jewelers.

My experience at A-Bryan’s Jewelry store was simply amazing. Walking into the store I had mission to look for a non-traditional class ring, one that I would not only wear for my senior year, but the rest of my life. I was referred to a Ms. Heather who was all the help anyone could ever ask for. I had no idea what I was doing and not only did Ms. Heather find my perfect ring, but she got it down to the perfect price too! I swear I would not have received this type of treatment anywhere else. Thanks A-Bryan’s!

I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in May 2014.  Not really the news you want to hear at 42, a mother of 5 and a wife of 18 years.  Knew treatment was going to be hard, but I was prepared to fight for my life and my family.  My husband, who has always been my best friend, said 2 words that made me love him more—“ring upgrade.”  He took me to A-Bryan’s to see Heather.  Took several weeks to narrow down to 2 designs.  The staff was so kind and patient with me.  They asked me questions to help me narrow in on what I really wanted to see in a ring set.  Made suggestions about what would look perfect on my hand.  Heather ordered several samples so I could compare on my finger.  Once I choose “the one”, my husband said 2 more words that made me love him more—“bigger diamonds.”  My new custom ring set is stunning and 1 of a kind.  Fits beautifully!

Today I am cancer free and I now have a family heirloom piece that I look forward to passing down to my son for his bride—in about 10-15 years. Special thanks to A-Bryan’s. Steller service. Spectacular jewelry.

When I was contacted by Heather to write about my experiences with you guys the first thing that came to mind is how caring everyone there is. There has never been a time that I’ve gone in that I have not felt like the most important customer in there. And I shouldn’t even use the word customer. I feel like part of A-Bryan’s. A-Bryan’s has been my jeweler for probably about 25 years now. I can remember going in when my youngest son was just a toddler and he’s almost 29 years old so we do have quite a history there. I’m always asked how I’m doing, if I would like something to drink, how my family is..That personal touch that goes SUCH a long way. There are jewelry stores and then there’s A-Bryan’s. I hope this in some way encourages folks to stop by and see just what I’m talking about. God bless you all…

I have been an A-Bryans customer for over 20 years, in fact, my first “big girl” jewelry purchase was from Bryan at his very tiny store on Johnston Street before he built the new location. A-Bryan’s has truly earned the reputation for excellence in the industry with their unique designs and one of a kind pieces of which I have several. The time they spend in assisting with the right selection, design and pricing makes you feel like you are their only customer. Their service and craftsmanship are second to none. And minor jewelry repair and sizing while you wait, NO other jewelry store offers this. They are committed to excellence!!! Do yourself a favor and visit them today!!

My family and I have been customers almost exclusively at A Bryan’s for over 15 years. We keep coming to back because of the quality, personal and friendly service of everyone at A Bryan’s. I especially enjoy the same day repair, sizing and battery replacement.

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