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For the daring at heart, adding the right bracelet, necklace, or chain will allow the emboldened man to create a look that will add distinguished intrigue or casual rebellion to his already stylish attire. Here are a few key pieces that will be adored by many: 

Below the Cuff:

Leather Bracelets

Let the added touch of a bracelet compliment his outfit. The key to pulling off this jewelry fashion is finding the right bracelet for the right outfit. A leather bracelet can look very out of place if paired with a tailored suit. However, when worn with a jean and shirt combo or even a business casual look, it can tone down the formality of the outfit. A thin leather cuff embellished with metal emblems or medallions can be worn with a number of casual styles. A few leather bracelets layered with a metal bracelet can heighten a casual look to uncomplicated perfection by adding textural intrigue for the easygoing man.

I.B. Goodman #10609BRC4X
I.B. Goodman # 10776BRC
I.B. Goodman # 84718BLK

Beaded Bracelets

Recent trends have proven that the men’s beaded bracelet can be outfitted with a number of styles. These bracelets come in a variety of textures and colors. The most popular of these are made of metal beads, natural exotic stone beads, or a combination of both. Typically, beads that are 10mm in diameter are best suited for a man’s wrist. One or two of these beaded bracelets layered with a simple leather bracelet or cuff gives a casual outfit a refined masculine appeal. 

Chisel #’s SRB2732; SRB2712; SRB2858; SRB1901
bead man bracelet
Chisel #’s SRB2539; SRB2514; SRB2502

Gold Link Bracelets

The classic look of a gold link bracelet worn tucked under a tailored shirt or a fitted suit contributes to a refined, dignified look. Popular styles in men’s gold link bracelets are the Curb, Cuban, and Figaro link. When paired with a suit, a medium sized link of approximately 7mm worn on the opposite wrist of his watch lends itself to a timelessly effortless style. A heavier, thick linked bracelet of around 10mm or more worn alone will add a mysterious appeal to a sporty look for any man.

Simon G # LB2236-R

ID Bracelets

Metal ID bracelets are an attractive, yet functional choice. These bracelets come in a variety of metals, such as gold, sterling silver, or stainless steel. They can add a deeply meaningful or personal touch to a man ’s wardrobe by being engraved with something truly sentimental to the man wearing it. Most commonly seen engraved are his initials, intimate phrases, or memorable dates. Wearing this bracelet layered with a metal link bracelet, leather bracelet, or beaded bracelet gives this traditional style a more relaxed look. If paired with a tailored formal or business suit, the best option is to wear it alone and opposite of a watch.

id bracelet for man
Chisel # SRB1480-8.25

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

A tighter fitting bracelet can ensure that formal attire looks sophisticated. A loose fitting bracelet can really accentuate a casual look. If a black, brown, or natural colored diamond tennis bracelet is being layered with a leather or metal link bracelet, the tennis bracelet should be proportionate to the other bracelets it’s in collaboration with. Allow the tennis bracelet to rest on the wrist bone with a slightly snug fit, while the other bracelets of the same fit rest above it. 

Simon G # LB2286
simon g man
Simon G # LB2171

Linked Together:

When it comes to what a gentleman wears around his neck, less is often more. The necklace or chain he chooses should compliment his style and not be a statement piece. In fact, it should be the last thing someone notices about his outfit. The length of the chain or necklace he’s wearing should fall about mid-chest. This generally falls 6 inches to 8 inches from the navel at approximately 20 inches long. If worn alone, a chain of medium thickness looks best. When layered together, stick with two thin chains or necklaces at most. Again, this will ensure that it doesn’t overpower the appeal of his outfit. 

Pendant Necklace

In terms of necklace trends, simple and small pendants will keep him looking current. Thin gold or silver chains adorned with a religious, maritime, astrological, or personalized pendant can amplify an outfit without distracting from it. This trend can help elevate the minimal look of jeans and a casual shirt. Layering this simple pendant and chain combination with a necklace made of small beads will enhance an earthy, rugged look. The versatility of this duo will even compliment a smartly tailored button down shirt and fitted jean ensemble. 

Chisel # SRN1048
compass man charm
Quality Gold # QC4964

Gold Chains

Gold chains come in a variety of link shapes and sizes, making it one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry. Much like a man ’s watch, it symbolizes social status. Historically, it has been known to represent a man’s wealth and overall success. Since there are so many variations of the gold chain, it can become overwhelming when trying to decipher between the different link styles and how to wear each.

Rope Link

The rope chain is the most popular choice of link chains. This iconic chain has segments of gold chain that are braided together to give it a rope-like appearance. Due to its thickness and durability, this link style is the perfect option to add a pendant to. Although, there are many men that find themselves wearing a larger thickness of the rope chain alone for a bolder look.

man rope link
Midas Rope Chain

Cuban Link

Another popular choice is the Cuban link chain. Thick oval or circular-shaped pieces of gold loops are linked together to create this chain. Typically, the Cuban link chain is worn without any type of embellishment. It comes in a variety of thicknesses to customize your personal style. Generally speaking, medium to extra thick links work best with sporty, urban, and casual styles. Smaller links of this chain are most attractive when tucked under a button down shirt that is appropriate in either business or formal wear. 

man jewelry

Figaro Link

Figaro, a type of link chain, combines an alternating pattern of small circular links with flattened, elongated oval-like links that can be worn with or without a pendant. If deciding to add a pendant to the Figaro link chain, the more simple a design is, the better. As with any necklace or chain added to a man ’s jewelry rotation, the Figaro chain and pendant combination shouldn’t distract from the overall appeal of the outfit. In this case, less is always more.

man jewelry
Midas Figaro Chain

Alternative Metal Chains

Alternative metal chains in any of these link types can give the rebellious man ’s wardrobe a casual appeal. When paired with a dark toned or antique finish, these chains will add to this carefree look. This is especially true if it’s seamlessly coordinated with a few leather or beaded bracelets on his wrist and a simple, wide band signet ring on his finger.

Chisel # SRN2829
Chisel # SRN1924-20

When considering what jewelry pieces he should wear to complete his look, a gentleman shouldn’t only consider how they can be worked into his wardrobe, but how they reflect his personality. They shouldn’t look out of place with his proportions or distract from his overall appeal. No matter which of these jewelry pieces discussed he chooses, it should capture and compliment him in a way that his personal style will be elevated. A few key pieces will be worth the investment when used to heighten his wardrobe to a new level of perfection.

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