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There’s something to be said about a well-dressed man, especially if he knows how to incorporate the right touches of jewelry into his already stylish wardrobe. Although it was deemed unbefitting in decades past, recent years have seen an uprise in men’s jewelry worn by many iconic and trendsetting men. From actors to musicians to athletes to even dignitaries, jewelry has become a commonplace staple for the gentleman that is emboldened to elevate his personal style, no matter what look he may choose. 

There are a few key players in a man’s wardrobe lineup that will bring his style to the next level. While a nice watch and a simple ring are always classically timeless elements in a man’s repertoire, consider adding to this a well-placed bracelet or necklace. Over the next few weeks, we will explore exactly what the gentleman in your life needs to keep him looking effortlessly current:

Time Will Tell:

Known by many as the status symbol of a gentleman’s wardrobe, there’s no shortage in styles of watches to choose from. For most, this will be the first piece of jewelry a man will own. A good watch will be worth its investment. It should reflect the wearer’s personal style and be proportionate to their wrist. The right watch won’t fit loosely and will sit right above the wrist bone. In fact, it will only have just enough give to move only about an inch or two up and down his wrist with his natural movements. Most watch faces for men will measure between 34mm-50mm. Although some designers certainly make watches with a face that’s larger than 50mm, these watches can look bulky and weigh down or even distract from the overall aesthetics of his outfit.

Citizen Style#BJ7007-02L

 When integrated into business attire, a metal band watch works best. A watch with a thin, clean face makes formal wear or a business suit look polished. Watches with a gold tone or a high polished steel band can help to make a suit look expensive. The metal on the watch will typically match whatever jewelry he’s wearing so that it doesn’t distract from his suit.

Citizen AK5000-03A
Citizen BV1116-80E

If he’s stepping out in jeans and a shirt, running around in joggers and a hoodie, or wearing a polo shirt and khakis, he should consider either a leather band or neutral toned metal band watch with a casual to sporty look. Here, a bold color or a few more interesting details can be added to the watch face. Still, the style of the watch should be kept simple to make sure it flows nicely with the overall appeal of the entire outfit.

Citizen BX1010-11L

It Rings True:

A gentleman’s ring, on any finger, will likely be a very personal and sentimental item for him to wear. It should be indicative of his personality. The staple ring worn by most men is the wedding band. Traditionally, these will be fashioned in various colors of gold or in platinum. Only recently have alternative metals paved the way for a variety of new designs and textures in men’s rings. With this new addition to men’s jewelry fashion, rings have once again found their place within the style savvy man’s wardrobe.

The iconic signet ring once more gains footing as being the go-to ring for the fashion-forward man.The modern take on this classic ring sees the definitive design highlighted with a center embellishment of an animal or nautical motif, while the traditional family crest or monogram center are still a preferred choice. To make a statement, let this ring steal the show as a solo act worn on the right hand.

Benchmark Signet Ring (future concepts)

A simple band can also add just the right amount of intrigue to any outfit. Alternative metal bands, such as tungsten, tantalum, cobalt, or forged carbon can help to add another element of allure for simple casual to business casual apparel. Bands made from gold or platinum help to polish any business or formal look, especially when matched to compliment the watch, bracelet, or necklace he may be wearing. 

Benchmark Style #’s CF56413TA & CF847391TA
Benchmark Styles #’s (Black Titanium) CF109374BKT & CF109759BKT

The wedding band he chooses to wear may be made of either these alternative metals or the traditional gold or platinum. It should marry comfort and his personal style. However, when considering which of these bands to choose, a man should look at his overall wardrobe so that it flows nicely with it rather than distracts from it.

Simon G Style #’s MR1978 & LG100
Ammara Stone Style 3’s CFT9675647GTAR, BPO25R7613TA & CFBP8465390R

Exotic stones and minimal diamond designs can help elevate even the most simple of bands regardless of what metal they are set into. Recent trends show that blue lapis, malachite, turquoise, and various opals and jaspers are just what the fashion- conscious gentleman desires to adorn his fingers. When displayed in unusual shapes or placed in a brushed metal, they can enhance the worldliness of a man’s appeal.

Simon G Style # LR2746
I.B. Goodman Style # 84210XXX8X

With these simple added touches to his wardrobe, a man can take the wardrobe he desires and enhance it to look even more fashionable or professional. All it takes is one or two of these basic jewelry elements to help him achieve the results he desires.


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