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Top Engagement Rings Trends by Decade

Throughout our 25 year legacy, we’ve watched a wide variety of bridal jewelry trends come and go. The evolution of engagement ring styles continuously inspires us to set the bar high and design pieces that will stand the test of time. Whether you love a vintage-inspired style or you always have a pulse on the hottest trends, the transformation of engagement rings throughout the years demonstrates how trends come and go, but true fashion is forever. Let’s take a look into the past to see how engagement rings of yesterday have inspired the styles of today.



Art Deco inspired three stone ring with halo


Style # LVS441

The Art Deco period’s geometric shapes and sharp lines took over in the 1920s and influenced everything from jewelry to architecture and furniture. The engagement rings from this era often featured clean lines and geometric designs consisting of smaller diamonds. Today, you can see this time period reflected in modern styles with micropave diamonds, milgrain details, and glamorous geometrical halos.




Halo style engagement ring with twisted shank

Style # A108RDW-6.5RD

As the popular bold geometry from the Art Deco period matured, engagement rings took on a more modest size and shape with feminine embellishments like twisted bands. The focus pivoted to a large center stone rather than the intricate sums of fancy cut accent diamonds from the previous decade.




Floral halo engagement ring with pave diamond band

Style # LVS1015RD

In the 1940s, round cut diamonds took the lead in popularity thanks to De Beers’ “A Diamond is Forever” campaign, changing the course of engagement ring history forever. You also begin to see more floral-inspired designs and a mix of metals, including yellow and rose gold, due to platinum shortages related to World War II.



Pear shaped engagement ring with side stones

Style # LVS1062PE

The unique pear-shaped diamond garnered attention in the 1950s, and center stones started to get incrementally larger. One of the most celebrated trends was to feature a large center stone accented by smaller diamonds – usually baguettes – on either side. Audrey Hepburn’s triple-band combo also set the stage for the future of mixed-metal stackables.

Image may contain Jewelry Accessories Ring Accessory Spoke Machine Text and Wheel

Audrey Hepburn’s triple-band combo



Yellow Diamond Asscher Cut Engagement Ring

Style # LVS947

In the 1960s, engagement rings followed the lead of celebrity styles. Elizabeth Taylor’s whopping 33-carat Asscher cut diamond had everyone talking, and First Lady Jackie Kennedy also started a trend of colorful gemstone center stones with her emerald and diamond engagement ring.

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Elizabeth Taylor’s 33-carat Asscher cut diamond

                                                               Image may contain Drawing and ArtJackie Kennedy’s emerald and diamond engagement ring



Three stone emerald cut engagement ring

Style # LVS1020EM


Princess cut three stone engagement ring

Style # LVS962


In the 1970s, women adopted modern, angular shapes like the emerald and princess cut. This decade also saw more brides choosing a complete, matching bridal set.



Sapphire engagement ring with sunburst halo

Style # LVRRI4169WS

Princess Diana’s famous catalog pick of a sapphire and diamond engagement ring set the tone for the 1980s with a surge in colored gemstones such as sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. Elaborate fancy-cut diamond shapes, including pears, emeralds, and cushions, also gained popularity.

Image may contain Drawing Art and Doodle

Princess Diana’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring



Marquise cut engagement ring

Style # SWS105


Three-stone engagement ring

Style # R040U

In the 1990s, white gold and platinum saw a rise in popularity. As engagement ring styles became increasingly diverse, edgy cuts like the marquise shape and a sleek solitaire setting with side stones were common.



Round halo engagement ring with pave band

Style # LVS787RD

The momentum of white gold and platinum rings continued to gain traction in the 2000s. Modern twists on classic designs like a halo, three-stone, or solitaire were also in high demand for contemporary brides.



Three stone sapphire and diamond engagement ring

Style # LVRMT0708S


Yellow gold engagement ring

Style # LVS1011CU

The trends of the 2010s were once again driven by royalty and celebrity styles. When Prince William presented Kate Middleton with Diana’s famous sapphire engagement ring (as seen previously), colored gemstones became highly valued among the less traditional brides. In another royal engagement, Meghan Markle’s classic three-stone stunner also encouraged the yellow gold comeback that we still see today.

Rose gold bridal set

Style # SWUS122CW-6.5RD

Thinner, pave-encrusted bands paired with cushion cut and oval cut diamonds were another popular style thanks to celebrity engagements like Sarah Hyland and Hailey Baldwin. Romantic rose gold also returned with the mixed metal bridal stack that allowed for a personalized combination.




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By the Uneek Jewelry Team



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