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Most engagement rings shine brilliantly with a round, princess, oval, emerald cut, pear, or marquise stone. Some are radiant cuts, cushion cuts, brilliant cuts, or Asscher cuts. But today, in our striving to be fresh and different, a plethora of new options exists.

The most trending unique diamond shape is the heart. Some top engagement ring designers are beginning to make heart center stones. These stones also make for beautiful pendants. What girl would prefer a gold heart over a brilliant diamond one?

An additional distinctive stone option is in the shape of a kite. The kite diamond looks radiant in a solitaire pendent and pointedly draped from one’s neck. Half moons—shaped like half a circle—are sometimes set on the side of an engagement ring’s center stone, framing the bigger diamond. Trillian diamonds are triangles. These, like half moons, periodically border center stones. Next is the shield. These stones are similar to the Trillian, except their points are rounded.

Finally, the last diamond we will feature is the most bizarre of these unique diamond options. These are horse diamonds, cut to resemble the silhouette of a horse’s head. One can distinctly see a neck, head, and tiny ears. This diamond is for a special, horse-loving lady.

So there you have it—unique diamond shape options. Some may not quite be your taste. Others are beautiful, undiscovered treasures.

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