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Here at A-Bryan’s, we have a case designated to our Vintage Collection. This encompasses an array of fashion rings, diamond clusters, colored stones, and pearls. We carry an abundance of earrings, pendants, and bracelets. Looking for a bright, sapphire bracelet or unique amethyst ring? How about a bangle or drop pendent?

Each item in our Vintage Collection was hand-selected. Co-owner and wife of A-Bryan, Angie Spallino, only selects individual pieces. Once one is sold, there is no replacement. Thus, when you purchase one of our vintage pieces, you are unlikely to see it on anyone else. We do not sell two pieces alike.        Additionally, this collection houses more variety than anywhere else within the store. Find traditional stones, as well as the more offbeat mystic topaz, pink sapphire, and cat-eye. Find brooches, fleur de lis, and watches. Treasure hunt through the multiplicity of colored pieces and show off your individual style with our one-of-a-kind vintage jewelry.

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