Why A-Bryan’s Jewelers?

A-Bryan’s Jewelers is a family owned business that has been buying gold since 1988. Each piece is evaluated and tested by our experienced staff in a safe and friendly atmosphere. We consistently pay more than our competition and private appointments are available.

What we buy

We buy diamonds, gold, platinum and silver including broken or damaged jewelry, silverware/platters, and collectors coins. If you are unsure if a piece is genuine, bring it to the store and we will test it.

Reasons to sell your Gold Now

The best time to sell your gold is when you need money. Whether it is right now, or next week, whenever you need money fast is the best time to sell scrap gold and excess jewelry. A minor fluctuation in the price of gold will rarely affect your cash for gold payout noticeably, so sell your gold when you need to! If you aren’t in urgent need of money, but are considering selling some unwanted jewelry, now is still an excellent opportunity to trade your old antiquated gold jewelry for a new and current piece.

1. Your Jewelry is damaged or broken

If you have earrings without mates, a brooch with a busted clasp, an old watch that doesn’t tell time, or a chain that is twisted and kinked, you may keep thinking to yourself, “Someday I’ll get this fixed.” If you haven’t done it by now, will it ever happen? When you sell gold jewelry that is damaged and broken, you can use the extra money to buy new jewelry from A-Bryan’s Jewelers or use it as trade towards a custom created piece of jewelry.

2. The Jewelry You Have is Out of Style

Most people have very selective taste in jewelry, so finding a buyer for older, dated jewelry can be a difficult task. It can be tedious to find a prospect for outdated jewelry and there is no guarantee you will ever find interested customers. At A-Bryan’s Jewelers we are always ready to buy from you, and we don’t care about the condition or style of your old jewelry.

How to identify precious metals

  • GOLD May be marked with 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, 21kt, 22kt 24kt, 417, 585, 750, Gold can be yellow, white, black, pink (rose gold) or green.
  • PLATINUM Marked 900, 950, Platinum
  • SILVER Marked STERLING, 925, 0999 or Silver.

We don’t buy Non-Precious Metals

  • Gold-Filled – usually marked 1/10 GF or 1/20 GF
  • Gold Plated – usually marked EGP or GP
  • Silver Plated – usually marked silver plated or unmarked
  • Costume Jewelry
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