Jewelry Repair

Each year, A-Bryan’s Jewelers breathes new life into hundreds of damaged bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings. Our experienced repair team provides routine repairs such as stone setting or replacement, ring sizing, prong re-tipping/re-building, chain soldering, and rhodium plating. Usually, a repair is completed within two days. Some simple repairs can be performed while you wait.

Custom Work

Many customers wish to personalize and design their jewelry, creating truly one-of-a-kind pieces. Our state of the art three dimensional computer-aided design software allows our customers to approve new designs before casting, ensuring a final piece that will be cherished for years. A-Bryan’s Jewelers is happy to help bring your vision to life.

Product Cleaning

Age and wear will cause even the most spectacular pieces to collect oils, dust, and debris, losing luster. Have your diamonds and gemstones sparkle again with our jewelry cleaning services. Our staff will quickly and expertly restore your jewelry, while taking precautionary measures to examine for loose gemstones or other potential problems.

Pearl Restringing

Most experts agree that pearls should be restrung every five to six years — or more frequently, depending on how often they are worn. A-Bryan’s Jewelers can re-string your pearls in order to extend the life of your investment. We also repair pearl earrings and rings, as well as replace missing or damaged pearls.

Jewelry Appraisal

There are numerous reasons to have jewelry appraised, and selecting a trustworthy and qualified appraisor is critical. We provide in-house, written appraisals for insurance purposes and estate evaluation, typically within one week. Stop by the store for a price estimate or call for an appointment with our appraiser.

It’s often necessary to receive an accurate appraisal for the following reasons:

  • Insurance replacement: obtaining an accurate and detailed report that will assure proper replacement in case of a loss
  • Divorce, Collateral: a professional report suitable for submission in court
  • Estate Tax, Donation, Casualty Loss: an IRS compliant reports to assist in tax filing
  • Equitable Distribution: providing information to allow for equitable division of collections to family

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Watch Services

Having a watch routinely serviced is crucial to the longevity of any finely crafted timepiece. If your timepiece is not keeping accurate time or has stopped ticking altogether, we will typically replace the battery while you wait. If the problem is not solved with a new battery, our certified repairman will evaluate and repair most watches within two to three weeks, based on part availability. Additionally, we provide in-house link/band adjustments.

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